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Itrade's (Mis)Adventures    by Itrade
After an encounter with a rare gem, six friends are now on a hillarious rampage across RuneScape to kill an adventurer named Hoop.

Julius Caesar: A Runescape Reenactment    by Gandy
Relive Shakespeare's classic play in this humourous parody filled with wacky comedy and subtle references that still maintains its Runescape theme.

The King of Misthalin    by Finway
A king's journey to regain his throne - the throne of Misthalin.

Cook's Assistant    by TheJason
Jason, a young adventurer, explores the vast, mystical land of RuneScape through a hard and draining quest as Cook's Assistant.

Seven to Bury    by The Union Leader
Maximilian Janus - the most cunning assassin alive - is assigned on a terrorizing killing spree across Runescape. As he proceeds, he endures greedy brokers, lifetimes of romance, and a never ending rivalry.

Face of Evil    by Jordan264
An evil person has come to Varrock and is now killing everyone. Who will save the day?

Angel of Death/Zamorack's Downfall    by Ultimate7777
In modern Runescape, a young man and his friends lead normal lives. Among them lies a traitor who seeks to bring about the destruction of Runescape. What ensues is an epic story of morals, values, and the meaning of life.

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