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rules and terms

Follow them!

1. The story word limit is from 500 words to 10,000 words.
2. The story should be Runescape-only.
3. This is a one-round competition, win or lose.
4. Deadline is 10th of April 2005.
5. Take care of your spelling and grammar.
6. Don't flame the judges if they go against you.
7. No rapping.
8. The story can be anything in Runescape.
9. No copying others' stories!! You will be disqualified.
10. PM Sara Beast Clan your stories at RSC.
11. Your idea must be original; no copying others' ideas. However, parodies are acceptable. :P
12. The story must not have been posted at RSC before the contest.

Simple enough, right? Right. :)


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