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Title N/A

Title N/A
by Jordan264

The Place... Varrock
The Time... Unknown

It was a perfect day in the Varrock Market Square, people chatting trading, and just goofing around. A normal day in the world of Runescape, but unknown to anyone, a mysterious figure was entering the town. Cloaked in gray, it sored above the ground, silently watching the towns daily hubub. It then came to a halt, and stared at a young man, walking with a person, a girl. What was this, the figure thought to himself, it is not like I have seen before. The figure hovered to a deserted space and lowered itself to the ground. It ifted it's hood, revealing a face so evil, it killed anyone who looked. He walked into the square, and everyone fell silent. They could tell something was wrong. Suddenly, everyone dropped to the ground, except the young man. The mans name was Falkner, a young warrior from the city of Lumbridge. He turned to his friend, and then started crying. "What happened, what did you do?" he asked the evil man. "I have tried this more than once yet never have you fallen, why, what keeps you alive?" It said. Falkner looked at him, staring as a cat would stare at a mouse. "This is not fair, just because i won't die doesn't mean everyone else has to suffer, leave and fix this, or die!" Demanded Falkner. "So be it, you will suffer slowly!" Yelled the evil man. In a flash Falkner took out a shining Runite sword, and pulled out his shield made of Dragon, and ran at the evil person. Then the most epic battle ever fought started. So for a thousand years they fought and on that last day, the face of evil, Satan, Lucifer, fell and everyone rose, so Falkner, the triumphant ruler, had saved the day and married his lover.

14 Years Later: "Kyle, come here" shouted Ricky. Ricky had stumbled upon a grave from thin air. "What, what is... Oh My God, where did that come from?!" I don't Know, you tell me" explained Ricky. Suddenly the ground began to tremble, then smoke and lava poured out from the grave. Kyle and Ricky ran as fast as they could but couldn't run fast enough! So they decided to stay where they were and whether the disaster. "Mwah Ha Ha Ha Ha HA!" laughed an evil voice. "Im aliveeeee!, I now will once again kill everyone!" "Who the heck are you, and why are you here?" asked Kyle. "You, you killed me fourteen years ago!" yelled the evil person. "No I didn't I don't even know you!" The two kids ran to a weapons housing in Newbieville. "Hey Zammo R. Ack, we need the best weapons you got!" yelled Ricky. "Well lets see, rune or dragon, or both?" "Both!" yelled Kyle. "Thanks, bye... can you beleive we got them for free?" asked Ricky. "When they got outside they gasped, noone was alive and everyone was dead, when suddenly a flash of light burst through the air. "I am Falkner, you will die Mr. Jagex Cat!" yelled an almighty Falkner. "Ohhh yeahhh, now I remember, Falkner was the king of Runescape 14 years ago, after he died, Mr. Jagex Cat came to power and tried to rule the world. But, he was unsuccesful!" babbled Kyle. So they ran to help Falkner and once again destroy evil forever. And from that day, every 14 years, Mr. Jagex Cat would rise from his cursed grave to only once again be defeated by Falkner.



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