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Runescape Story Writing Contest website

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Welcome to the Runescape Story Writing Contest!

   Hello readers and writers! As you may know, there is currently a story writing contest being held in the Stories and Poems board of Runescape Community, and this is the official website. Here you can find all participants' stories, the rules, judges, and how to register. The submission deadline has passed, so unfortunately, no further stories will be accepted. However, good luck to those who have already submitted theirs!

Gandy and Duck


   The RSC members writing stories for this contest are:
   (Click on their name to see their story)

   The Union Leader

   Click the stories link at the top of the page to see each member and his or her story in detail and with a short description.

The Judging Procedure

   The final submission date was April 10. No more stories are accepted as of now. Currently, the judges - listed below - are reviewing each story and coming up with a winner, who will receive a total of 310,000 GP in Runescape.

   The judges: Duck Sniper (host), Solar, Toue, Stained Crimson.

   All of the judging positions have been filled; no further applications are accepted.


   If you're feeling awfully generous today and you have some spare GP in Runescape, why not donate to the prize pot? Drop Duck Sniper a PM at RSC and tell him you'd like to support the cause. The current pot is 310,000 GP.


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