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The King of Misthalin

The King of Misthalin
by Finway

Finway was simply plowing the fields, as usual, in a bright sunny day. The day was about half way done, when he saw his cousin, Ivan, running towards him.
"Finway! Come quick! Your father needs you!" Ivan said. Finway ran towards his house, threw his plow down, and Opened the door.
"Finway! Soldiers," He said, then coughed, and continued, "Soldiers have came here, soldiers from Lord Valthar have come. You are the true king of Misthalin, they are after you finway! They're after... You!" He said, "You must forget about me, forget about the farm, forget about everything! head to the Outpost of rebels to the west, warn Tithin! I tell you, warn Tithin!" and then, he died. "Father! what? I am king? They're after me!" Finway exclaimed, confused. "Tell Tithin, tell Tithin."
Finway grabbed his horse and started west, just as he saw Valthar's soldiers burning up his house and village, he then continued west, not to look back, ever.

After about an hour past Dusk, Finway reached a camp. They welcomed him, and he told the whole story to him. Better yet, they believed him!
Finway then met General Tithin, who'm his foster father wanted him to meet. "Finway! I haven't seen you since you were but a baby!" Tithin said, "Well met!" Finway and Tithin shook hands. They then rested until morning, and then Tithin woke Finway. "We are currently planning an attack on a group of Valthar's army, they are really highway men, ready to fight and even kill travelers on there way to towns and villages." Tithin said, "They MUST be stopped." Finway looked at a map set out on a table. "There heading towards Draynor Village?" Finway asked. "Yes." Was all Tithins answer. "Sir Tithin! The Highway men are traveling around the draynor rode, we need to attack now!" A scout exclaimed. "Yes, yes of course. First, though, arm Finway with wepons, and armour aswell." Tithin said, and soon they were all off to defeat the highway men.

They arrived with about 40 Soldiers, against around 20-30 highway men.
"Archers ready!" Tithin said, in a half voice half shout. "Fire upon them!" Tithin finished. The archers fired and killed 5-10 Highway men. Then the small army came from upon the trees and bushes and ambushed, and without one death or injury, killed all of the highway men. "Tithin! One's escaping!" Exclaimed Finway. and Archer then aimed, and fired a deadly blow, right through the back of the rider who was escaping. He immedietly died and fell of the horse.

After the ambush, the forces returned to the camp, still with all there 40 Soldiers. Finway and Tithin met again in the center Tent of the camp. "Tommorow we must attack the Draynor Village Tax Unit, ready to tax the living daylights out of the poor people of Draynor Village." Said Tithin, with a half chuckle. "We need at least 65 Soldiers to take down there Unit of Warriors, at least 50 Strong." Tithin said. "Prepare yourself Lord," Tithin continued, "We will need all the luck we can to win this one!"

The following day, everyone was ready at dawn, and the reached Draynor Village just less then an hour earlier then the Tax Unit would show up.
In the Center house of the village, which was the biggest in the village, An old man came out.

"Tithin! Who is this Man you bring to Dyanor village, with such an army?" He said. "This is Lord Finway, King of all Misthalin, and rightful heir to the throne." "Hello Lord Finway! You have arrived Just in time! Yesterday five armed soldiers came to the village, and they said they're comrads were ambushed to the east, and they took it upon us, and blamed us!" said the old man, He then coughed, and went on, "They took three young men, one... one being my only son!" He finished, as tears rolled down his cheek.
"We will certanly crush these foul soldiers!" Finway said, as he and the army headed north-east to the bridge on the river.
When the army of 65 Soldiers reached the bridge, they met up with an ally of theres, the River gaurd. The river gaurd was the gaurdians of the river, and were quite strong peoples. About 20 of them were present. Finway had 15 Archers on each side of the bridge along the westside of the river. The orders were to shoot when the enemy came. The river gaurd and Finway's army were on the westside of the bridge, as if ready to ride across it.

After a few minutes of waiting, The Tax Unit came, and at once charged for the enemy. But the archers on the sides of the bridge shot them down, and the ones that finaly reached the end were to few to defeat the army on the other side of the bridge. Finway's army then raced forward and siezed three Tax Carriages, and found much gold inside, gold that could be melted and turned into the old coins of Misthalin, the coins that Finway's father had used, along with all his vassals.

Finway's army came back to Draynor Village, regrouped and rested a while, but within the hour, a message came. It read as the following:
Lord Finway, Edgeville has pledged loyalty to you. A spy from Valthar reported this, and Valthar's army of over 2,500 Soldiers has attacked us.
We have but only 870 Men who can fight! Please Lord Finway! Hear our cry!

After finishing the letter, Finway arose and gathered all men from the age of 17, to the age of 40, to fight and break the siege of Edgeville.
1,500 New recruits came, making the whole army near 1600 Strong. The army then marched with all due speed north, and soon were at the broken gates of edgeville. The enemy was already inside Edgeville. Finway immedietly sent his army to destroy them, but it was quite late, and the walls were very tatered, and most, destroyed.

Finway succesfully had his army kill 800 Soldiers of the army of Valthar, and had very little casualties of his army. Soon Valthars army of now around 1,200 was gathered up in the center of the town, and Raced towards Finway and his army. Finway's army started pulling back into the fortress of Edgeville, (The big building with coffins in it), and Found that 300 Soldiers from Edgeville were hiding, and in the dungeon of the cellar, over 2,000 Women and Children were hiding. The army regrouped, and then marched strate outside, destroying the whole of Valthars army. When Vallthar heard this, he was furious, and ordered the general, (Who was the one who planned it all) to be Beaten to death.

Finway and Tithin both knew that the Grain Fields of Lumbridge were needed to feed they're large army. Finway ordered all loyal people in Lumbridge to come out, but less then 10 came out. Finway was disapointed, and his army was barely over 1,000 Men. He soon marched past the toll gate, into Al Karid.
The People of Al Karid loved being independant, but they needed someone to look to for Protection. They looked to Misthalin, but when Valthar conquered it, they became independant, and soon, anarchy spread to all of the Karid Dessert.

Finway met with the Ruler of Al Karid in the large Grand Hall of Al Karid City. "Lord Kasa Mandara of Al Karid (That's the ruler's name)" Finway said,
"I seek aid from Al Karid. Lord Valthars soldiers have overrun Misthalin, but Rebels have forced them Into Lumbridge and Varrock. If we can conquer these cities, Misthalin will be united!" Kasa Mandara wondered for a second, and then said, "How does this concern Al Karid?" Finway looked at him for a small moment, "I seek soldiers, if it does not trouble Al Karid, of course." Finway said. "Very well." Said Kasa Mandara. "I give you 2,000 Al Karidian soldiers." Finway's eyes widened. "2,000?" Finway asked, in amazement. "2,000. Of course, I can raise it if you want..." Finway soon interupted "No. 2,000 will do fine!"

After the army of over 3,000 Soldiers were all grouped, they set out for Lumbridge, past the toll gate, and near the goblin woods. The only plan was to take lumbridge by force. The archers would stay back, and cover the main forces tracks, while the main force rode across the bridge into the city. That plan was simple, but many casualties would accure.

The day came, and that's exactly what happend. They stormed the city, and within the first hour, The whole city, and even the Castle, were all under Finway's control. Tithin ordered a search of every building. Over 300 of Valthars soldiers were found, all of them, but one, killed. General Darith was kept allive, and kept in prison for the rest of his days. Lumbridge castle, and the surrounding area, was all granted to Tithin, Finway's top general, and Military advisor.

Finway and Tithin both knew that Misthalin could not be re-united, unless it held Varrock, the capitol City of Misthalin, the grand city of kings.
Finway planned an attack from the south-west (Draynor Village) the North-west (Edgeville) the South (Lumbridge) and the South-east (Al Karid) all to attack varrock in a 4-way siege, which would take less time then a one way siege.

Finway soon gathered an army of 10,000 Soldiers.
2,000 were gaurds. 2,000 were Rangers, 4,000 were melee. and 2,000 were Horsemen, with any wepon from a Sword to a Longbow.
Finway also gained quite a lot of artilery for war. He had 12 Catapults, 3 Siege towers, and even 1 huge battering ram, enough to break down almsot any wall with one blow. Finway thought his army was ready enough, and then He and his army marched from all directions almost, towards Varrock.

The Varrock siege lasted over 2 months, but finaly the battering ram destroyed the gate, and the soldiers flooded into varrock. Ressistance was quite alot from Valthar's soldiers. although within 3 days, all of Varrock was under Finways rule, except the palace. They had managed to get into the Courtyard, but still there was the acual palace. The Palace took around 1 month to take, but Finways soldiers battered down the gate, and forced themselves through the broken down gate. They swarmed the palace, and within 1 day, the whole Palace was Under Finways control.

Finway started coining his own money, doing customs of the old Misthalin, and started an Alliance from Asgarnia to Misthalin.
Finway rebuilt old roads, and repaired many others. Misthalin was going well, until a knight from the order of Karamja came foward, and ordered a private conversation with King Finway. "Lord Finway." He began, "Karamja has been attacked by Valthar and his army. They have tooken brimington, and are heading for Tai Bwanni, and, as I fear, Shilo Village." He said. "I promise you I will send an army for Karamja and destroy Valthar, once and for all!" Finway exclaimed.

Within the next four months, Finway gathered a very large army of horsemen, archers, men-at-arms, and Pikemen, all to fight Valthar and destroy him.
But finway realised he did not have any transports or even a Port to take him and his army to Karamja, so he payed 100,000 Coins to Asgarnia treasury, in return, he could use port sarim. The army, which was about 12,000 Strong, took 2 months to make it to Karamja. After they did, they started off to brimhaven.

After 3 weeks of slicing palm trees, Replenishing there food supply by fishing docks aswell as bannana plantations, and, of course, saw strange creatures, such as monkeys and snakes. Finaly, they reacehd Brimhaven. Brimhaven was, for Karamja, the center of Trade, Buisness, the Home of the order of the Knights of Karamja, and, of course, Beer. Piracy was common around that area, so many pirates walked through the streets, but when an official, police, or anyone of importance walked by, they all seemed to hide in someplace or another.

When Finway and his army met the Knights of Karamja, they noticed at once there difference. The difference was the way they dressed. Misthalin's army wore A steel medium helmet, steel chainmail, steel platemail legs, and any wepon from Longsword to Longbow. The Knights of Karamja wore No helmet at all, Slight bronze chainmail body armour, and partial bronze Platemail legs, along with an Iron Longsword, very weak.

Now, Tithin wasn't Finway's only general, there were many others. One was a Woman named Tamara. Tamara was a brave girl who lived in Edgeville. She lost her dad to Valthar's army when she was 3, and here mother died when she was only 16, from A high fever. Tamara was a soldier at edgeville, and soon became a hero. She was the only one out of 150 to live when a hord of Goblins attacked edgeville. She Was soon promoted to Captain when Valthar sent an army to destroy the ones loyal to Finway at edgeville. Tithin first noticed this, and told finway about it. Tamara was soon premoted general when she helped win a very important battle at Lumbridge.

Many people had stories of how Tamara became a general, many of them were inapropriate. But the truth was that she was an excellent fighter, and a brilliant general. Tamara was sent with her army to attack the Army of Valthars at Tai Bwanni. When they came in sight of it, they saw only small pieces of wood, and ashes. There was nothing but smoke, ashses, and some small flames around the area. Tamara sent a scout who quickly reported this to Finway's main force.

Valthar also had a few Generals, the most powerful of them all, was named Delune. Delune was almost as bad as Valthar, and was responsible for the Destruction of Tai Bwanni. When Delune heard of Finway entering Karamja Jungle, he was furious. He soon challenged Finway to a Fight. Finway accepted, and soon he and all his generals and there armies came before an oppening in the jungle. It was large enough for only some of Finway's army, so many had to stay behind.
But Delune was frightened. Finway had been training for the past 2 years he was king. So he learend that Tithin was injured from a battle near Lumbridge and had to stay in Misthalin. So Delune sent his best archer to kill Finway.

When the fight between Delune and Finway was about to begin, The archer fired. a HISS came through the air, and finaly, the arrow hit finway, right in the shoulder. "AHH!" Finway screamed in pain. Two soldiers quickly came back and they grabbed Finway and pulled him back to camp.
"So this is how you cowards fight Eh?" Delune said. "I chalenge anyone here to fight me! Or will you be cowards and leave?" Just then, Tamara rode forward.

Delunes army laughed scornfully at Tamara, who was not even 30 Years of age. Earlier when Tamara suggested that she go in his place, Finway disagreed. But now she disobeyed him, and there was no turning back now. Delune pulled down his razor sharp lance and said, "En Gaurde!" And Raced towards her with all his horses speed and might.

Tamara stood for a moment, as if waiting for him to come and kill her, but she had a plan. She quickly pulled out her light sword, and rushed towards her with her Al Karidian horse, the fastest type of horses ever created by the great god Saradomin. She soon met up with him about halfway, and she cut the edge of Delunes lance with her razor sharp sword. He then threw his lance down in rage, and pulled his dark black and red sword. He raced upon Tamara, and cut the edge of her shoulder, just enough to knock her down. She fell of her horse, and quickly got up. "FOR VALTHAR AND THE DARK LORD ZAMORAK!" Shouted Delune, loud as he could. He raced towards Tamara, again. But fontunently for Tamara, she was kocked back near her camp, right by the large wooden pikes sticking diagnoly from the ground towards the Enemy. Delune raced towards her, but she moved out of the way, and, after horse saw the large wooden pikes, stopped, knock delune over the horses head, on the the ground.

Delune stood up again. He simply walked towards Tamara, then started fighting and forcing her back Southward, towards Valthar's Camp! She kept blocking his blows, but was kept being forced backwards, until she realised what a trap she was in. She started running back north towards her camp, but it was too late! Tamara was siezed by Delune's army and was thrown into a camp jail. Finway, who was watching the whole battle, shouted "EVERYONE FOWARD TOWARDS THE ENEMY!" Everyone soon ran towards camp, but an armed, mounted escort gaurded Tamara, and headed for Carin Isle, a small Island to Ship Tamara to Ardougne, in the Nation of Kandarin, an Ally of Valthars.

Delune was taken captive during the battle, and his whole army was Destroyed. They immedietly forced him, succesfully, to tell them where Tamara was taken, and then, he killed himself with his dagger. Plans were soon made. Asgarnia, Karamja, and Misthalin all needed to attack Kandarin, and take Tamara back to Misthalin. Soon an army of 25,000 was Made, and it set of From Port Sarim, Brimhaven, and other docks in Asgarnia, Misthalin, and Karamja, all towards ardougne.

Meanwhile... Tamara had arrived at Ardougne, and a trial was immidietly made for the next day. When the trial took place, Tamara was forced in the center of the room, and in the Back, the entrance/exit. In the front, the most terrible face she had ever seen. The man had Long black hair down to his shoulders, he was obviously a king, for he had a Black Silver, a very rare metal, only found in the Fremenik Province, crown, bracelet, and ring. He was smilling a small smile or horror, sending shivers and chills down Tamara's spine. But he looked young, no older then 40 years of age. "How could this be?" She thought.

After the Introductions of Lord Valthar (The one described above) and a few others, the trial started.
"Tamara," The jury began, "You are charged with Treason against Lord Valthar, Witchcraft, and Sorccery."
The questions and answers were as followed:
"How did you become a general in Finway's army?" asked the Jury. "Because of good services in battles at Edgeville and Lumbridge." was Tamara's answer
"Why did you accept it?" He asked again. "Because I thought it was my duty to do for my Country." Was the reply.
"What county is this you speak of?" He asked again, slightly smiling. "The Grand Kingdom of Misthalin, which will soon crush all of your power, lord Valthar!" was her Answer.

At this, Valthar got up and said "Amanian Keromein!" a magic spell, and tamara felt dizzy. She began to sit in her small chair again.
A few more non-serious questions were asked, and many rumors she tried to clear up, but she could not convince them what she did was not wrong.

On one cold spring day, Another trial began. After Tamara arrived in the courtroom, the introductions were said, and the trial began.
"You have been proven guilty of Treason, Witchcraft, and Sorccery." Valthar said, "You shall be burned at the stake, On the wendsday the 10th of April.
At this, Tamar heart sank, even though it is what she expected.

Meanwhile, In the catherby bay, An army of 25,000 Landed. "To be peace in Misthalin, must mean peace throughout the world." Was the words Finway used to encouraged his soldiers. Within 3 days of traveling, Ardougne's magnificent walls were in sight, and the siege, already being prepared.
Tithin and his Army would attack the West ardougne, the weak side. The main siege on the east side would devert soldiers. So ardougne would lose its power in the Western half, which already was weak.

Finway had a plan. They would slaughter cows, let there bodies rot, and then throw them above the walls into the city, spreading desease. It took about 2 or 3 weeks, but finaly, A plague broke out. 1 out of 3 of the whole populations was Infected or already dead. Soon, the soldiers breached the walls and took the city. Finway's plan had worked.

It took even shorter time for them to take the Palace of Ardougne. It was searched, and Tamara was found in a small dungeon. But they could not find Valthar anywhere.
After the armies and comanders returned to Misthalin, a great feast was held in Varrock. Nearly a thousand long tables were set up through the marketplace, and that is where the Army feasted. The courtyard was where the Comanders, officials, and generals feasted.

Misthalin was peacefull once again. The People were happy. Everything was going well. But Valthars whereabouts was unknown, for another 250 Years.

The End.



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